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Gryphon C40 Diamond Band Saw

The simple, rugged construction of the Gryphon Band Saw assures years of service, without expensive and frustrating maintenance. You have a 12" square platform area. The coolant system requires only tap water—add a few drops of our Water Aid to extend blade life. The reservoir measures 10" x 9". Motor is 1 ⁄3 HP direct drive at 2850 RPM.

• The Gryphon Band Saw uses thin diamond blades which remove less material than wire or ring saw blades, and eliminates “double cutting” on projects such as foiled lampshades. The band saw is also the quietest saw available, and easily cuts the most intricate patterns in glass and stone.

Our Lapidary version of the Gryphon C-40 comes with one special Heavy Duty Fuser's Blade. This special heavy duty blade is made with coarse diamonds for cutting dense stone, fused glass and other tough materials.

You can cut material up to 3" thick, but you must cut SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. One inch thick material is the maximum practical thickness.

(Includes coolant system and one heavy duty fusion blade).

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