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OMNICUBED Automatic Stealth Seamer™ is the ultimate heavy-duty automatic seam setter for joining and leveling seams.

The product features strong 8” vacuum cups which provide full-contact reliable hold, and the powerful, yet compact, vacuum pump maintains pressure for all cups and operates on AC power or a single 9V battery (for installations where electricity is not available). Countertop seams easily open and close by use of a smooth-turning knurled roller, and the working area is open and accessible with the units in place (removal is not needed in order to apply epoxy or scrape the seam). Four leveling components per seam setter allow “fine-tune” adjustment on both sides of the seam, and they feature non-spinning, leveling feet with vinyl caps to prevent scratching of countertop surfaces. The eight leveling points provide total control along the entire seam.




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