Single head bridge polishing machine. The machine is built in electrowelded metal that has been hot galvanized and treated with epoxy coatings. Working table built in heavy metal covered with plywood staves, galvanized protection side panels. single block machine in rugged construction that does not require masonry work or technical assistance for installation. It is easy to use for polishing, sanding, brushing and specific rotary tools that can bush-hammered, scratch etc..
Control panel with color display and touch screen TFT 7 ". 4 pre-programmed cycles and program for machining polygonal flat surfaces.


+ Colour touch screen display

+ Four pre-programmed polishing patterns

+ Able to polish irregular shapes

+ Remote pendant control

+ Automatic head change 4 to 8 positions **

+ Hydraulic tilt table **

+ Working area 3100 x 1900 x 280 (X,Y,Z)

+ 15Hp (11Kw) Motor

 ** Optional Extras


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