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The Vuoto is a demountable system making it easy to change the rubber seals and pads on site.

Suitable for all CNC machines, made to order.

NB. Pricing is available upon request.

Key Features:

  • Treated with anodized aluminium to prevent oxidation and corrosion.
  • Vulcanized rubber plates that will never come off compared to other systems that use glue which can peel off over time.
  • Rubber has double lip gaskets to ensure a vacuum even when used on corrugated stones.
  • Plates are exactly the same (top and bottom).
  • Assemble different modules together creating custom compositions for custom shapes.

Cobalm Machinery 

Dimensions (mm) and Height (mm)

KG01019  = 200x200 by 120

KG02050 = 200x40 by 120

KG03054 = 100 by 120

KG03057 = ∅150 by 120

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