Specifically designed for the Diarex Group, the MS45 Mitre Saw offers a range of features that sets it at the forefront of the market.

+ Clamping feet can easily be moved to the perfect position
+ Special long-reach stops for clamping narrow pieces
+ Digital Blade RPM display
+ Digital Carriage feed speed display
+ Adjustable bridge alignment enables perfectly square cuts
+ Rack and pinion drive mechanism
+ Cables contained in caterpillar chain+ Variable-speed blade motor to optimise cutting in all types of material
+ Solenoid valve controls water supply automatically
+ Adjustable motor mount allows perfect alignment of the blade
+ Adjustable bridge alignment enables perfectly square cuts
+ Adjustable clamping feet to hold any length of work piece firmly in place
+ Safety interlock prevents carriage from moving if work piece is not clamped
+ Programmable cutting length for semi-automatic operation
+ Protective splash screen along the entire front of the machine

Blade diameter: 400mm

Max cutting length: 3250mm

Max cutting depth: 50mm

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