Foredom MM1060 Micro Motor


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High torque and speed up to 50,000rpm.  230V.  Kit includes control box with digital display,an ergonomic handpiece with 2.34mm collet installed, variable speed foot pedal, handpiece cradle, handpiece holder and wrenches for changing collects and an extra fuse.

Brushless micromotor is ideal for various applications at high, medium and low speed.

  • High Speed Applications: Running at high speed, it provides smooth, clean, and sharp detailing in metal and wood. It’s also great for bright-cutting, grinding, finishing, texturing, and polishing. You never need to changes the brushes on this handpiece.
  • Medium Speed Applications: At medium speeds it is ideal for effortless and fast stock removal in wood, diestone, or acrylics.
  • Low Speed Applications: The low end offers extra control and power for stone setting and milling.

Overall Product Features-

Two Year Limited Warranty
Brushless motor design carbon brushes NEVER need changing
Powerful even at minimum speeds
Sealed housing eliminates dust, noise, and vibration

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