GMM Brio Easy 400 CNC

5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw

The machine combines extreme ease of use in manual mode with simple and intuitive programming of both basic and more advanced processes; parametric programming, CAD cuts, contouring, profi les and shapes, drilling, coring, bas-reliefs, writing. The machine is on concrete shoulders and without a board.


  • 370 ° swiveling head and automatic tilting from 0 ° to 90 °.
  • Disc up to 625 mm in diameter operated by inverter.
  • Vertical travel (Z axis) from 400 mm.
  • All the main structures of the machine are in hot galvanized steel.
  • Safety barrier with thermoformed panels.
  • High speeds, maximum precision thanks to brushless motors with absolute encoders, ball recirculation guides, precision reducers, axis interpolation with CNC.
  • 4300 rpm electrospindle (6000 rpm on request) with perforated shaft for water passage and cutter attachment with 36x2 - ½ ”gas thread (on request).
Maximum horizontal disc stroke (x axis) 3700mm
Maximum bridge translation (y axis) 2500mm
Maximum vertical disc stroke (z axis) 400mm
Maximum disc inclination angle (r axis) 0 ° to 90 °
Maximum disc orientation angle (w axis) 0 ° to 370 °
Maximum disc diameter 625mm
Maximum cutting depth 205mm
Hole diameter 50-60mm *
Disc flange diameter 213mm
Table size 2000 x 3500mm
Disc motor power 13 (S 6)kW
Spindle rotation speed at 50 Hz (60 Hz) 800 ÷ 4300-6000rpm *
Slide cutting speed (x axis) 0 to 35m/min
Travel speed of the bridge (y axis) 0 to 35m/min
Vertical disc movement speed (z axis) 0 to 7.5m/min
3 bar cooling water flow 40 l/min
Total mass 4200kg

* optional

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