GMM Techni Intec 613 G2 High Pressure Water Jet System

High Pressure Water Jet System

Intec-G2 ® is capable of cutting almost any type of material up to 100 mm thick at its maximum cutting speed, with the lowest possible expense. The Intec G2 series machines last longer and require less maintenance thanks to an easy-to-use, fast and accurate system. This range of machines is particularly suitable for the stone industry.


  • Softec ™, the software for waterjet cutting, was developed by TECHNI Waterjet ™ with two very specific objectives:
  1. Reduction of machining costs while guaranteeing maximum precision
  2. Have a simple and intuitive operator interface. The result is an “All In One” software, in a Windows environment, specifically designed for waterjet cutting, capable of increasing productivity and easy to use.
  • The “heart” of the Softec ™ is Tru-Cut Technology ™, a highly sophisticated algorithm database that determines the optimum cutting speeds and ensures the creation of perfect vertical and sloped edges. After selecting the type of material to be cut, the thickness and the required roughness, the
    system will process the pressure, advancement, compensation of the cutting inclination to satisfy the user's requests.
    It reduces working times, cutting costs, improves productivity, limits waste and optimizes management systems. All through the software!
  • Softec Nest uses advanced nesting algorithms developed by one of the largest and most accredited developers in the world, Geometric Global. Benefits include:
    - Improved profitability by minimizing overflight transfers between cuts.
    - Increased nesting speed and better material utilization.
Machine dimensions (pumps or control panel excluded) 5200 x 2700 x 2300mm
Machine weight (empty) 3600kg
Machine weight (with water) 7800kg
Cutting table dimensions 2020 x 4000mm
Cutting area (without PAC 5 axis) 1850 x 4000mm
Inclined cutting area (with PAC 5 axis) 1700 x 3900mm
Movement accuracy 0.12mm/m
Positioning repeatability ± 0.025mm
Max rapid movement speed 17.5 m/min
Max cutting speed 17.5 m/min
Maximum workable thickness (with PAC60 head) 100mm
IMPORTANT: the data in this table are not binding because they are subject to possible variations without notice for updates and continuous technological developments. The tolerances shown are correct at a calibration temperature of 20 ° ± 1 ° C.

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