5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw

The machine combines extreme ease of use in manual mode with simple and intuitive programming of both basic and more advanced machining, parametric programming, cad cuts, contouring, profiles, shapes, drilling, coring, bas-reliefs, writing, etc. be integrated with various functions including plate photography with digital camera, piece shifting with suction cup, piece unloading with suction cup, automatic tool change with ISO or magnetic cone, rodding and table exchanger and lathe.


  • 370 ° swivel head, 90 ° tilt head.
  • Fixed bench in hot galvanized steel with wooden cover
  • Disc up to 725 mm in diameter operated by inverter.
  • 520 mm vertical travel (Z axis).
  • All the main structures of the machine are in hot galvanized steel.
  • Safety barrier with thermoformed panels.
  • High speeds, maximum precision thanks to brushless motors with absolute encoders, ball recirculation guides, precision reducers, axis interpolation with CNC.
  • 4.300 rpm electrospindle (6.000 rpm on request) with perforated shaft for water passage and 36x2 - ½ ”gas cutter attachment or with ISO 40 cone at 8.000 rpm for automatic tool change (on request).

Maximum horizontal disc stroke (x axis) 3600mm
Maximum bridge translation (y axis) 2250-3660mm
Maximum vertical disc stroke (z axis) 520mm
Maximum disc inclination angle (r axis) 0 ° to 90 °
Maximum disc orientation angle (w axis) 0 ° to 370 °
Maximum disc diameter 625-725mm *
Hole diameter 90mm
Disc flange diameter 213mm
Maximum cutting depth 205-255mm *
Table size 2000x3500mm
Disc motor power 16.5 (S 6)kW
Spindle rotation speed 500 ÷ 4300-6000rpm *
Slide cutting speed (x axis) 0 to 35m/min
Travel speed of the bridge (y axis) 0 to 35m/min
Vertical disc movement speed (z axis) 0 to 7.5m/min
Time to rotate the disc 90 ° (w axis) 1.5sec
3 bar cooling water flow 50 l/min
Air consumption at 6 bar 55-80 l/min
Total weight 4800kg

* optional

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