ITALMECC AIR BOX 2100 - 3100 - 4100 - TWIN

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The unit, depending on the length, is equipped with one or more fans (with direct drive motor) to convoy air through the filtration process and return it back once dust free.
The air with the dust will enter the unit from the lower front entrance and will pass through three filtering steps: two water sprinkler lines located one above the other and one condensation filter. 
Each sprinkler line consist of an heavy duty high capacity galvanized steel pipe running across the whole length of the unit and several self cleaning brass sprinklers positioned few inches distance between each other.
The water mist generated by the sprinklers catch the dust encapsulating it and consequently falling down into the lower water tray.
The condensation filter will help the water mist to condensate forcing it to fall down in the form of water drops.
At the other side of the condensation filter only dust free air will be conveyed outside of the unit.The dust encapsulated by the water will deposit at the bottom of the water tray and will be scooped or drained out once in a while


+ Can be adapted to any kind of work 
+ Choice of 18 different versions 
+  Compact size 2100–4100x700x2100  
+  Ergonomic design for easy cleaning 
+  Dust suppression system using water in 3 stages and without filters 
+  Self-flushing nebulisers 
+  Machine body and pump in thick stainless steel 
+  Complies with European and US directives and standards 
+  Low energy and water consumption 

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