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The machine operates as follows: a suction flow is generated by two fans located on the top side of the dust collector. Every 50 seconds (programmable time) compressed air is blown through each row of filters to let the dust fall down into the bottom trays. The air is blown while the vacuum is still maintained active. At the shut down of the machine (still with the power on) the operator activates the self-cleaning cycle. A compressed air blow is done every 50 seconds on each row while the vacuum is no longer active. The self-cleaning cycle goes on for approx 30 minutes.


+ Self-cleaning 
+ Cleaning and maintenance reduced practically to zero 
+ PLC-controlled dust suppression system 
+ Low energy consumption 
+ Special self-cleaning, water-repellent filters 
+ Can be adapted to any kind of work 
+ Compact size - 4330x860x2230 
+ Machine body made of hot-galvanised zinc 
+ Complies with European, US, Canadian and Australian directives and standards 


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