Surface polishing machine with automatic tool change.

With 5 different tool supports, a vertical pneumatic pressure and a very friendly programme with great possibilities, the T508 is for sure THE referenced texturing machine, unlike anything else in the world today. Offering over 20 different finishing types. Bringing a more personal touch to the finishing programmes delivered with the machine, you can offer to your customers exclusive finished products. The machine will become your signature, your label.

Texture all your pieces A polished slab? Modify its texture, this will give it a second life !The machine accepts slabs up to 3500 X 2200 mm. A L-shape kitchen or a round table to polish again? No problem, the T508 offers a programme for irregular shapes. You need an antique aspect on one piece, bushhammering on the second one and polishing on the third one? The machine can take into account several pieces on the same table.Thanks to the 10 tools in the magazine and to the automatic tool changing, the machine has a great autonomy and can work alone a long time once you have left.

+ Patented B3 head
+ Vertical pneumatic pressure
+ 10 tool quick-change magazine
+ Capable of polishing internal and external square edges
+ Tilting table for an easy loading and unloading
+ Large doors to also use a fork- lift truck for the loading
+ Colour touch screen to the great delight of the eyes and fingers
+ Easy rear access to the magazine, no need to climb onto the table
+ Performing and Light heads (Thibaut Patent) easy to carry

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